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    This site is a collection of awesome freeware icons by various authors for buddy lists, desktop customization, and MySpace tweaks. All images are categorized on the left by their design style. Note that this doesn't necessarily limit their use. For example, our freeware desktop graphics could work on your MySpace or Xanga site, just as MSN or AIM buddy images could work on your Windows, Mac, or Linux desktop. Here�s some details:

Buddy Icons

Our archive of freeware buddy icons is full of graphics from all walks of life. Use them on your AOL, AIM, MSN, ICQ, or Yahoo as buddy list, or if they authors terms permit it - place them on your Live Journal, Xanga, MySpace, or as a forum avatar as well. As with all of the graphics on this site, be sure to read the author's copyright terms and visit their website in case this info has changed before using.

MySpace Customizations

MySpace enthusiasts have 3 separate areas of this site to find customizations for their MySpace profiles. First, our custom 'online now' MySpace icons are used in place of the default icon on your MySpace profile to alert people that you're online. MySpace contact tables are used to replace the 8 button images that other users use to contact you. If you only want to customize anything else on your MySpace, use our MySpace Profile Editor, or our vast array of MySpace Code Generators.

Desktop Icons

Desktop icons are by default 32x32 pixels and consist of very simple layouts in .ico and .gif format. Most desktop graphics and work very well as buddy icons in their .gif format - however pay very close attention to the terms before using them anyplace outside of your desktop, as a lot of desktop designers have strict copyright terms.

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